11 Reasons Why Customer Reviews are Important for your Brand

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Hey Guys, Studies have shown that with the rapidly growing number of websites & our online dependency, people are now more focused on finding the quality services. That is why we are posting this article "11 Reasons Why Customer Reviews are Important for your Brand?"
Top 11 Reasons Why Reviews are Important for your online business. SitePape
According to different studies 89% of people search for company reviews before making any purchase. More Importantly, 95% of the people said that the Negative Reviews led to avoid business with that company.

Findings :

According to recent studies in 2020, almost 98% of customers are convinced by companies with 4.5 to 5 star positive ratings. It builds a separate level of trust that the individual can have even before trying the services.

In this study, Group of students made a fake company profile & gave some positive (100+) reviews with 0 negative reviews. Than they asked so many individuals from different places & platforms. What you think about this company & Do you think it’s trustworthy?

Almost every person firstly searched for its reviews & was convinced at the first glance after seeing 5 star reviews.

7 Reasons Why Customer Reviews are Important for your Brand?

If they above studies didn’t gave you the right influence. Let me tell you exactly.

1. Pre-Sale Benefits :

We are in a world where we are more likely to buy things if recommended by others or already been used by our friends or family. But in today’s generation everything been online, we go with recommendations by general public that is on based on product/service reviews.

Even if we buy any product from Amazon, we first check the product reviews before making purchase.

So, if your company have positive reviews all over the Internet that puts an 10x Boost to your sales. Customer that you were likely to loose will be buying your service just by seeing your reviews.

Your Online Reviews have Full impact on your sale.

2. Better Ranking :

Reviews are likely to be most dominant factor in your search rankings. According to SEJ, “pages with reviews which mention a keyword and/or the name of a city, were found to have higher rankings in Google’s local pack. At a high level, having a keyword you are trying to rank for, and a mention of a city you are working to rank in, in reviews has a high correlation with high ranking Google My Business results”.

Buyers are more likely to search for your websites reviews before making any purchase, making your website ranking boost on several platforms without doing anything. People will search for reviews several platforms like : FaceBook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo & Many others. Each platform has its own way to index websites, but the more searched keywords are most likely to rank on search engines & other platforms.

More Positive Reviews make people check your website as an example or a popular company. It is also the most important factor among other 7 Reasons Why Customer Reviews are Important.

3. Trust Building :

Positive Reviews make people trust your services without any efforts. As 79% of people look for the reviews before making any purchase. When they see positive reviews it will make them trust that company undoubtedly.

Most people don’t trust companies with less than 4 star reviews. This leaves companies no option other than to get more positive reviews for there Trust Building.

4. Competition & Profits :

New business are more commonly try to sell there products/services at lower prices to stand in the market. But positive reviews make you walk side by side. Even though customers are likely to buy your service rather than the older companies.

You don’t need to lower your price to increase sales. If a competitive company have 3 star reviews & you have 5 star reviews. People will buy your services rather than your customers.

5. Help Decision Making for Customers :

More reviews help your customer make there decision. Your positive reviews make them feel positive towards any purchase. Every customer feel free to purchase any company service that have trusted reviews on internet. They talk less about the product & ask less questions. Its a straight forward sale deal.

Almost 80% of companies says that, there positive marking on internet helps them boost there sales. Tour & Travel companies have referred that there customers are likely to buy deals with higher reviews & high rated deals get fewer questions from clients.

6. Clear Impact on Sales

Your company reviews are your website's reality. If customer see positive reviews, they will buy your service automatically. They don't need to go through much anything, just after seeing your companies positive reviews. 

According To Harvard Business School :

consumers respond more strongly when a rating contains more information. Consumer response to a restaurant’s average rating is affected by the number of reviews and whether the reviewers are certified as “elite” by Yelp, but is unaffected by the size of the reviewers’ Yelp friends network. So clearly its the win win situation among 7 Reasons Why Customer Reviews are Important.

7. Free Marketing

Online Reviews are a great deal if you get positive ones, it stays affective as lifetime free marketing. Ones you get it, they stay active & keep boosting your sale without you even knowing it. Your customer does the marketing for you by yourself. If you rank higher on review platforms by amount & positivity of reviews. You get free traffic & sale by yourself.

It brings an constant positive image towards your customers. They feel more confident about your services & share more words about your services. 

Hope you like our article : 11 Reasons Why Customer Reviews are Important. We are soon going to post about How you can get reviews for your own company. Keep Sharing.

8. Review Magnet

When your company is having online presence on review platforms, it encourage your other customers to leave a review. As your reviews grow, the trust & confidence of your new customers will itself grow. They are also most likely to leave a review just after they purchase your services.

9. Customer Loyality

Having a good engagement in review platforms, make your customer believe in you. They like to trust you as there own company. It gives them positive vibe as they feel like someone is listening to them on review platforms. So, you must always reply to your customer feedback either positive or negative. It make them feel loyal towards the company as the company listen & answers to them. They will always be coming forward for there next orders & also reffering you to there friends.

10. Less Risky

Now a days due to high chances of getting scammed online, customers always need security what if anything goes wrong or i can beleive this company or not. Reviews make them trust your company & also make them feel secure about it. They get a positive vibe by thinking that if anything goes wrong they can harm company reputation by leaving negative reviews also.

11. Customer Engagement

Reviews provided an excellent opportunity to make a connection between customer & business. These emotional connections has direct impact on your sale & company branding. Studies have shown that business that engages with there customers, provide them platform to review & interact with them. Can boost up there sales by 29%.

Negative Reviews

Online reviews can also lead to some risks.If you get negative reviews. Studies have shown that customers who have experienced something negative are more likely to leave a review rather than the positive ones. According to the recent studies 70% of the customers avoid doing business with you if you have negative reviews. So, if your competitors have negative reviews. You can always have a win-win situation by giving your customer chance of leaving a positive reviews & grab customers by getting there trust.


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