Daily Free Whois DataBase - Global & Indian (Worth 999$/Year)

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Every Business needs advertisements to boost up the sale. Most of advertising costs very high amount of money. So we thought of giving you some cheaper options. Today we are going to talk about one of them : Daily Free Whois DataBase - Global & Indian.
Daily Free Whois DataBase
Promote Your Website with Free Whois DataBase Daily Nisit
We Give You Instant access to Whois Database Newly Registered Domains. That can help you promote your Web hosting business or any other business. There are several ways to promote your business using Whois DataBase. What's better than getting & trying for free.

Daily Whois DataBase Download Content

We offer clean & ready to use whois database. That you just need to download & start using it. We segregrate in multiple ways : TLD's, Countries, Raw & cleaned. Whois Database gives you access to daily domain buyers info that includes : Name, Number, Address, Email, Domain provider & Much more usefull information.

We Offer One Click Direct Download to our whois database. No Need to wait in queue for your downloads to begin.

Nisit SitePape

Our database is totally automated. Our Whois Data Get uploaded every morning, so you don't need to worry about your daily marketing plans.

How Many Domains Data We get Daily ? How many Domains Get Registered on daily basis ?

You will get the daily domain database that is registered globally. Approximately 1.5L domains are registered globally.

Do we get the details of whois protected domain also ?

No, whois protection refers to protecting the identity leak of a domain user online. That is why it is not possible to get or scrap such whois data. Also it is one of the Reason most of the domains you buy from us comes with whois protection already. As we are totality into privacy. Get Free Whois Protection with domains you buy from sitepape.

Why Do i Need Whois DataBase ?

Everybody can do promotion if they have money, but why waste money on the people who don't actually need your hosting. Whois Data ensures you that you are targeting the right audience.

We are only promoting our services to those who just bought the domain, so to start there website they also need hosting.

What i can Do with Daily Whois DataBase ?

How Can i Do SMS Marketing ?

Usually Bulk SMS Costs from 1.5$ to 3$ per 1000 SMS. That you can use to send your markeitng message. If one person buy your web hosting plan worth 10-15$ from that 1000 person. Your marketing costs will be covered. So guess if you get more than that. SMS Marketing Response rate is 30-40% higher than E-mail marketing.

Daily Free Whois Database Email Marketing
Top 10 Free Email Marketing Tools SitePape
How Can i Do Email Marketing with Whois Database ?

There are various mail marketing companies out there. That you can use to start your mail marketing via Emails you get from the whois database. Email marketing costs lesser than SMS Marketing with good response rate on regular marketing. You can also try These Free Email Marketing Tools. Read More ...

Free Email Marketing can help you try out the response rate for your Hosting Business. You can start promoting your business for free & earn money with it.

Email Marketing Consumes less time, you just need to make the template once & use it always. In Email Marketing you just need to upload the csv file you get with domain data & your email list will be automatically uploaded. Now you are good to go with marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is the most effecient way to market any kind of business, if you have the right audience & right source for promotion. For Example : Your customer must need web hosting if you want to promote your hosting business. That you can be sure with whois data. WhatsApp marketing can costs high if you try per message services.

You can try whatsapp bulk sender with your virtual number, we are also trying to provide you the whatsapp bulk sender software along with your Hosting, Whois DataBase & Much more.

Read More About Free WhatsApp Marketing Software


Calling the domain buyer via whois data also currently trending way to market web hosting business. Calling takes more time & less effecient to spend you all time in it. On an average in india total 1500 domains are registered. So calling 1500 people a day is not that easy, untill you have a team for that.

How To Get Daily Free Whois DataBase - Global & Indian

If You are Previous Customer

  1. First of all, Login to your SitePape Portal
  2. Click on Open Ticker
  3. Create a ticket asking for access of Whois Data
  4. You will get your access on the ticket shortly

New Customers :

  1. First of all, Order our Hosting Plan
  2. Complete your payment
  3. You will get a mail with your login access & steps to proceed
  4. Now use it Daily to Grow Your Business


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